Romans | Chapter 11:1-12

adam greenwell free will god's will letter to rome paul righteousness romans Aug 02, 2021

Paul discusses the comparison between Adam and Jesus throughout the book of Romans. In chapter 11, he continues by demonstrating that the Jewish people wanted a Messiah who would bring them political freedom, revenge and vindication. However, the Messiah they got robbed them of their comfort by saying they couldn't be saved by their works.

God's love and sovereignty work together, and if we know them together, we have right relationship with God (righteousness.) God gives us the wonderful gift of free will, which means we get to choose what we worship. What we worship is evident in our actions, thoughts and words, which means we look like what we worship. God doesn't choose to harden some hearts and not others, he just allows that free will to happen. We can choose to harden our hearts towards God and other people, or we can choose God's will: to reconcile the world to Himself.

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