Romans | Chapter 12:1-5

adam greenwell baptism sunday be the body body of the messiah letter to rome paul romans romans 12 temple Aug 22, 2021

A temple is the place where heaven and earth meet, the place where our natural realm and the Kingdom of God converge. 

The Bible describes specific examples of temples, including the church and believers. As such, we are the place where heaven and earth meet, both as the church body and individuals. Viewing our bodies as an instrument or tool for this meeting place helps us give our bodies as sacrifice to the work of God. 

Adam discusses the body of the Messiah, how we are all important pieces to the work of God, which should lead to the death of worthlessness. And as one part of the body is affected, we are all affected. We should be able to sympathize and empathize with each other, driving us to action through prayer and celebration. 

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