Romans | Chapter 13

adam greenwell authority communion community god's plan jesus letter to rome paul romans submit Sep 05, 2021

The word "submit" has negative connotations in our society, but it is the ultimate show of strength. We see the best example of submission to authority in Jesus; he submitted to God and His plan. In our country and our world, it can be difficult to submit to civil authority, but that is exactly what Paul is telling us to do in Romans 13. If we have an issue with authority, we have an issue with God. He is the Creator. Everything is His, even those in authority. When we rebel against authority, we basically say that our plan is better than God's plan.

However, do we always just sit idly by and allow civil authorities to rule? Adam explains the process of submission, how our actions as the church reflect Jesus to the community, and when it's okay to question authority (but to accept the punishment that comes with it).

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