Romans | Chapter 15:1-13

adam greenwell belong letter to rome paul romans romans 15 self-limit Sep 19, 2021

Many people think that in order to go to church, they must behave in order to believe so they can belong to the community. In Romans, Paul encourages us to approach relationship with others in the exact opposite way. When we create the path for people to belong to our community, when we self-limit for the sake of others, they will come to believe through how we treat them. 

As a church, we need to show consideration for others and allow them to belong first. By doing so, we can watch their belief grow. God loved us at our most unloveable point: Jesus died for us while we were still sinners. It stands to reason that as we become more like Jesus, we can love others in their most unloveable. 

How do we help people belong and then believe? Through consideration of them, study of Scripture, and fortitude. This leads to hope, harmony, and worship. Adam goes into detail on each of these areas and what they mean to limiting ourselves for the sake of others.

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