As told by Jessica R.

My family and I were driving on the highway listening to a worship album. I was daydreaming about how I will eventually incorporate my favorite tunes into our worship gatherings. My husband turns up the volume, "Oh, I like this one!" I listen a bit more closely. This song, that hasn't really been on my radar, begins to embed itself in my heart.

Soon after, I am preparing the set for the following Sunday's worship and I felt God wanted that particular song, and a few other specifics to be included in the set. None of which I felt had any connection to each other or any sort of flow. I wrestled. I wondered, was I really hearing His voice? Then clearly I felt God say, "I want someone to know how much I love them. One person. I want them to know that I am thinking of them so specifically that I am coordinating "coincidences" in other peoples' lives to arrange this set to communicate this love." I doubt still, "Yeah right, I'm making this stuff up in my head!" But I move forward and pray for this person a bit throughout the week.

That Sunday, after practice, we gather to pray. I mention what I felt God had communicated to me. They affirmed and encouraged me and we prayed it out. As we were praying, I had a picture of a calloused heart. It looked more like a calloused heel in my mind's eye; dry, worn, tired, in pain.

We worshiped and enjoyed the presence of Jesus in a sweet way. We sang the songs, and I kept my mouth shut about "that one person" throughout the service, still doubting. As the service came to close, I felt God say, "You gotta do it." With my heart pounding and my hands shaking, I blurt out, "God wants someone, one person, to know how much He loves them right now. He has put the burden on my heart this week and wanted this specific song and this set to communicate to you, His love." I half expected someone to just fall to the floor in a puddle. But just as any normal service does, it came to an end and we were done. I felt a bit discouraged and embarrassed for blurting it all out.

I was gathering up my family and things to head home and someone approaches me and says, "So, how many people came up to you saying they were that one person?" I shook my head, no. She says, "It's me." With tears in her eyes she shares her pain and the challenges she is having and the scars she suffers. I am then able to pray for her and pray for the callous that has formed over her heart, the disillusionment, the pain, and to encourage her.

We all go through hard things in this life and can become callous. We must not shy away from the grit of suffering. It brings a sensitivity to our hearts where we are better able to feel our Father's love.

And we can hear His voice. When we ask, He speaks. Trust it.

Your Great Love For Me

by Ryan Delmore and Kris Stipech

God of compassion, mercy and grace

You know where I've come from and how I've been saved.

The arms of the Father, faithful and true,

Comfort and heal me.

You make all things new.

With Your great love for me, Your great love for me.

Where could I go that You could not reach

With Your great love for me.