Nona Baker is no stranger to miracles. She, along side her husband Bill, have been missionaries for Jesus for their entire married lives. Whether they were smuggling bibles into oppressed countries or helping orphans in eastern Europe, God has always shown up in very tangible, practical ways. Ways that make you certain that only He is the provider.

Therefore, it should not have been a surprise when she got into her car after church on Sunday, November 1st, and found a full tank of gas where there had only been a quarter tank. Yet, it was. “Why is my gas tank full?” she thought, and wondered if anyone had filled it for her. Then she remembered the tank is locked. “They would have needed a key, and it wasn’t Bill because he was out of town.”

Hmmmmmmm. It was after a few moments that Nona realized it must have been a miracle. A small miracle, not unlike those she had experienced years before. However, it had been quite awhile since something like this had happened, and she had forgotten how it felt to be impacted by a small touch from God.

Nona went back into the church and told Allen. The exchange went something like this:

“My gas is full!”


“No, Allen, It was less than a quarter tank.”

Dramatic pause. Both just stare at each other.


“I know!”

Nona, thinking she might be nuts, went back to her car again, just to make sure. The tank was full.

Sometimes God does little, practical things to show us His love and make us smile. And perhaps He purposely makes us feel a little nuts…it’s good to be uncomfortable with what He is capable of! It reminds us to stay expectant and humble.