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Winter small groups are currently open. See the GROUPS GUIDE below.

Every group falls into one of four categories:
Groups that share a season of life.
Groups that seek connection based on shared interest or activity.
Groups that provide a community of discipleship.
Healing & RecoveryGROUPS
Groups that are a place to process addition, wounded-ness, and shame.

Vineyard CORE

VineyardCORE courses lay a foundation of knowledge every person should understand as they build a relationship with Jesus. We offer the three VineyardCORE courses each year within our small group rhythm. The courses are designed to build upon one another, but each is a stand alone course and can be taken solo.

The courses offered each year are:


(next: February 2 - April 21, 2020)

Why is a relationship with Jesus important?
Alpha, the first of our VineyardCORE series of discipleship courses, is the launching point for understanding why a relationship with Jesus is important. We explore the foundations of the Christian faith, what it means to be a Christian, who Jesus is and was, and why He died. In an informal gathering, we follow a presentation with large and small group discussions to fully explore what we believe and what it means for us from now on. Whether you are new to following Jesus or just curious about the faith, start here. For more information about the Alpha curriculum, visit

Biblical Literacy

(next: June 2 - August 18, 2020)

Why is the bible important, and how do I read it?
The Bible is a user manual for life, but it can feel overwhelming if we don't have some simple guidance about how to read it and how to use it in daily life. God speaks to us through the words in the Bible, and this course will give you practical advice for how to understand what God is saying and apply it to your daily life.

Life in the Spirit

(REGISTER NOW: October 1 - December 17, 2019)

How does God’s Spirit help us to live in harmony?
As Jesus’ disciples, how we live together matters for our own growth. It also helps the people around us believe what we have to say. This course explores how we can live in harmony through the presence of God’s Spirit with us. What is the Holy Spirit? How do we receive it? How do we interact with it? How can we use it to bring others into relationship with God? All this (and more) is convered in Life in the Spirit. Registration for this course starting October 1st is open now.


Twice a year, we gather for an afternoon of workshops to expand on the topics that are offered in our VineyardCORE courses. These workshops are called CORE MORE. Our next workship will be in April 2019. Check back in the spring for more details.

Foremore topics have included:
Reconciled Roots: The Vineyard in Church History
The Sunday practices at the Vineyard are rooted in the history of the ancient church. We will explore church history from Jesus, through the reformation, and into today.  We will look for reconciliation points between Catholic and Protestant practices and gain an understanding of where our practices come from.
A Woman's Place
Have you ever felt the expectations on your life won't allow you to be the woman God is putting on your heart to be?  Do you find yourself wondering if those expectations on you are from God or just the traditions of society or maybe, traditions of religion?
Join in for a look at the traditional view of a woman's role in society, marriage and church. We will also take a look at what the Bible has to say about a woman's place.
Restoring the Wounded
Moral injury is the result of attempted goodness. Out of our attempts to do right as individuals and a community, we must deal with the pain of our own actions and the actions of others that erode our moral compass. In Restoring the Wounded, we will explore moral injury and seek to find the trailhead that leads to healing.


Life Groups

Life Groups share seasons of life and build community. These groups are based on shared demographics (ex: moms, young married couples). These groups are open for visitors and can be joined at any time.


Tuesdays @ 9:30am  • Vineyard Church
Leader: Corrine Rindall
A group of ladies who study books of the Bible, fellowship and volunteer where they are needed in the church. We are a support group for each other. Any women are welcome.



2nd Fridays @ 7pm  •  Vineyard Church
Leader: Sheri Mitchell
A monthly gathering where moms can relax, recharge, and find support in their journey as a woman, wife, daughter, sister, mother, friend! Childcare provided upon request.



2nd Wednesday @ 6pm  •  Vineyard Church
Leader: Allen Hodges
Hey 6th-8th graders! VineyardYOUTH is for you. Come hang out with friends, have a meal and talk about the things that matter to you.




Great Adventure is the discipleship path for children from infants through fifth grade at the Vineyard Church. We believe that children are precious to God, a present blessing, and our future hope. We want to create an environment that encourages children to know God, love Him wholeheartedly, and serve Him faithfully as an integral part of the Body of Christ.

We value:
-Multigenerational and diverse community
-Children growing in personal relationship with Jesus Christ
-Children living lives of service to the church and community
-Biblical teaching that is Spirit led and creative
-Lessons that reach children where they are
-A safe environment for the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of each child
-A fun, exciting place where each child will experience God’s love and power

Great Adventure occurs over two distinct seasons:
The first season (the months of September, January and May) is the integration and inclusion of the kids into the regular Sunday activity of the church. Kids, our VIPs, are with the congregation for our worship service and receive a specific teaching before the sermon. During the sermon, all kids sit within the congregation and follow along with age-specific activity sheets. Kids are included in prayer and ministry time.

During the second season (October-December, February-April, June-August), the kids are in their age specific classroom for worship and teaching. Check-in for Great Adventure during second season is located in the Yellowstone Room, the large open space on the lower level of our church building with easy access through the north-facing door near our lower parking lot.

During second season, classes are divided into the following age and development groups:
Basecamp: Ages 0-3
Hikers: PreK-Kindergarten (toilet trained and knows the alphabet)
Trailblazers: 1st-2nd grade (able to read full sentences)
Summit: 3rd-5th grade (able to read paragraphs and interact with what is read)

If you would like more information about the Great Adventure, please contact Kristin Cannelora at or Sydney Harris at


Our youth discipleship group for 6th-12th grade students is part of our small group ministry. Sign-up anytime HERE or email for more information.

Youth age students are considered fully-functioning members of our church and are encouraged to participate in ministry and prayer during our weekly services as they are led.


Social Groups

Social Groups seek connection based on shared interest or activity. Adding to community life, these groups meet where the interest or activity requires. (ex: frisbee golf, knitting, dinner groups). These groups are open to visitors and can be joined by anyone at any time.

Bowling Group

Monthly on Sundays •  Fireside Lanes (West End)
Leader: Sydney Harris
Let’s bowl! This monthly Sunday afternoon group will get together to knock down a few pins and enjoy a little competition. Families are welcome to bowl together (bumpers are available). Each participant will pay their own lane fees ($3.75 per game); scholarships are available.



2nd Fridays @ 7pm  • Heights
Leader: Lori Cadwell
Bunko is a fast paced dice game that can be played with 8 people (but is more fun with 12). The game can move pretty fast; counting to 21 is a must! Come have an evening of fun and fellowship.


Carson Dinner Group

Carson Dinner Group
2nd Saturdays @ 6pm  •  Heights  •  Limit 8
Leader: Mark and Janet Carson
We learn a lot about each other around a dinner table. Dinner Groups meet monthly in a host’s home for a meal and open conversation. Hosts organize the meal, typically potluck style, as they see fit.


Couch to 5K

Thursdays @ 5:45pm  •  Various Locations
Leader: Jennie Hodges
Couch to 5K participants will meet weekly to encourage one another as we follow the success-proven Cool Running program, which will move us from a status of relative physical non-fitness to the ability to run a 5K (3.1 m). Following our first meeting at the Vineyard building, sessions will meet at various outdoor locations throughout Billings. Participants will have the option of registering for the Heart and Soul Run on June 20th.


Crochet Group

Wednesdays @ 6:30pm  •  Heights City Brew
Leader: Lanette Goodman
We are a group of gals who meet Wednesday night 6:30pm at City Brew in the Heights. We crochet baby blankets for the church, have made some Christmas ornaments and whatever else comes to mind. This is more about connecting and having some support if needed.


Writers Group

1st Mondays @ 7pm  • Vineyard Church
Leader: Jan Viren
Let's inspire each other with our writing, no matter what the skill level or genre (fiction, non-fiction, poetry, etc.). Teens and adults are welcome. We will have a writing exercise each session, and we'll all share something we're working on for constructive criticism and kind comments from the group to help us grow and stay motivated in our writing endeavors.


Growth Groups

Growth Groups provide a community of discipleship. Bible studies, topical groups and devotional curriculums provide a connection to God and to each other (ex: video curriculum, group spiritual direction, the Core Discipleship courses). Growth Groups are available to join only during the rest months. Once the group has started, the next opportunity to join will be during the next session.

Book Study: The Book of Esther

Tuesdays in February @ 7pm  •  Vineyard Church
Leader: Lori Cadwell
Let’s look at the book of Esther. Esther is the only book in the Bible where the name of God isn't mentioned but His love for his people shows in every verse. Participants will read through and discuss this entire book of the Old Testament over the four Tuesdays in February.


Financial Peace University

Sundays @ 6pm  •  Vineyard Church
Leader: Harvest Church
Learn how money doesn't have to be stressful with Financial Peace University, a popular video course from Dave Ramsey. Get tools to plan for your future, dump debt and communicate about money. This course is being offered jointly with Harvest Church. Invite friends and family to join with you, even if they do not attend church. Childcare is provided for $10 per session.



Tuesdays 2/18-3/31 @ 7pm  •  Vineyard Church
Leader: Adam Greenwell
So you believe in Jesus...what now? You might be new to this, or have believed for decades. Either way, we are called forward into who God created us to be. Join us for a Bible and theology study that points us forward into relationship with God and each other, brings Him glory and sets us to mission.


The Life: How to Let Christ Live His Life in And Through You

2nd Wednesday @ 6pm  •  Vineyard Church
Leader: Allen Hodges
Hey 6th-8th graders! VineyardYOUTH is for you. Come hang out with friends, have a meal and talk about the things that matter to you.


Parenting...oh, BOY!

1st Saturdays @ 10am  •  Vineyard Church
Leaders: Chad and Sheri Mitchell
Are you failing? Are you succeeding? Can you and your marriage survive? Will your children survive? What is the point of parenting? Are there some truths that can help make parenting make more sense? Join Chad and Sheri Mitchell, parenting veterans of 25-years, and learn from their successes and failures how you, your children and your marriage can survive and even THRIVE in the parenting years. Childcare is provided upon request.


Spiritual CPR

Sundays @ 12pm  • Vineyard Church
Leaders: Gil and Linda Sommerville
Suppose you’ve watched your new neighbor working in the yard, changing oil in his riding mower, setting up for backyard BBQs, pruning trees. You’ve exchanged visits, borrowed tools, & shared meals a few times. You’ve ENJOYED his sense of humor, kindness, & wisdom. “What a great neighbor,” you decide. After a few months & a developing friendship, you begin to see him as your best friend! And then—you discover—that HE’S THE KING OF KINGS & LORD OF LORDS! LIVING RIGHT NEXT DOOR!!!


Healing and Recovery Groups

Healing and Recovery Groups are a place to process addiction, wounded-ness and shame (ex: celebrate recovery, moral injury support, marriage restoration). Healing and Recovery groups are available to join only during the rest months. Once the group has started, the next opportunity to join will be during the next session.


Fridays @ 6pm  • Heights
Leader: Mark Carson
GriefShare is a thirteen week structured group to help people work through their grief over the death of a loved one. It runs for thirteen weeks. A materials fee of $25 is payable by check, and can be waived if needed. For a full explanation of the program, visit

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