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Seven Men Chosen to Serve

Acts. 6:1-7

We have a tendency to desire relationship with people that are similar to ourselves, and must purposely pursue those that are different if we want to have an understanding of the depth of God's love for all people.

The Apostles Meet Opposition

Acts 5:12-42

What should we do when we meet opposition to find unity and resolution? Brad Hudson unpacks this passage in which the apostles meet differing opinion.

Ananias and Sapphira

Acts 4:32-5:11

The Believers Pray for Courage

Acts 4:23-31

The honeymoon is over and the apostles have to start doing hard things. They turned to God for help, and He gave the Holy Spirit.

Peter and John Before the Council

Acts 4:1-22

Do What You See the Father Doing

Acts 3:1-26

Peter heals a beggar in Jesus' name. We have the same power today, but our job is to discern what the Holy Spirit is asking us to do and follow His lead.

Filled With Spirit, Creating the Church

Acts 2:22-37

The Holy Spirit shows us what we should be doing as the church today.

Matthias Replaces Judas

Acts 1:12-26

John Hodges shares with us about what the apostles were doing after Jesus ascended to heaven, yet before the Holy Spirit came upon them. The waiting period and the circumstances of the early church were comparable to what we experience today in Billings, MT.

The Kingdom of God

Acts 1:1-6

As our series through the book of Acts begin, we define the Kingdom of God and what it means to be under His rule and reign.

Why Spiritual Formation?

Tara Feldner gives the definition of Spiritual Formation and introduces spiritual disciplines.

Why Church?

Why is church important? Jesus loves the church. We should love it too (even when we don't think we like church).

The Parable of the Evil Farmers

Luke 20:9-19

Jesus' character is revealed through his treatment of a noble land owner and the corrupt farmers who harvest the land.

The Parable of the Ten Servents

Luke 19:11-27

Due to technical difficulties, the first 2 minutes of this sermon are missing. We apologize.

Jesus asks us to use what we are given to advance his Kingdom, and helps us understand what happens when we don't do are part with this parable.

The World Makes Sense

Luke 24:1

The World Makes Sense when we look at everything around us through the lens of Jesus and what his resurrection from the dead did for us. In this special message for Resurrection Day 2017, Allen connects us to our freedom in new life thanks to our risen Savior.

Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus

Luke 16: 19-31

Parable of the Lost Son

Luke 15: 11-32

What does our Father do when we have run away, made a mess of things, but come back home? He runs to us with open arms and throws a party. Listen to this sermon from Tara Feldner to learn more.

Parable of the Great Feast

Luke 14:15-24

Jesus invites everyone to the table. This parable makes Jesus' desire to engage with every person clear.

The Parable of the Barren Fig Tree

Luke 13:6-9

God's grace extends as a gift, so that we don't have to do anything to receive salvation. We do, however, get to make choices that allow us to produce fruit.

The Parable of the Rich Fool

Luke 12:13-34

We get to give. The Parable of the Rich Fool gives us direction on what it looks like to allow God to dictate how we use the resources he gives us.

The Lord's Prayer

Luke 11:1-13

Sometimes, it helps to define our relationship with God and understand His presence in our life as both a Father and a Friend. How we pray (or communicate with God) often has blockages due to our own ideas of what a father or friend is, yet God invites us to know His perfect relationship and reframe our prayers.

The Good Samaritan

Luke 10:25-42

How do we love our neighbor? The parable of The Good Samaritan helps us to understand our role and how we can push outside of our comfort zone to give radically.

The Parable of the Scattered Seed

Luke 8:1-15

How do we become the seed that grows in vibrance and health? Allen speaks of the parable of the seeds scattered on different foundations and how we can give ourselves the best chance to grow.

The Pharisees and the Prostitute

Luke 7:37-41

In our first sermon of our series The Parables of Luke, Allen looks into the motives of those at the dinner party when a prostitute washes Jesus' feet with her hair.

2017 State of the Church

Where BVC has been. Where we are going.

Our annual message giving details about what God has asked of us as a congregation in the past, and where we think we are headed.

The Legacy of David

2 Samuel 7:1-17

Our lives are a piece of a story that is thousands of years old, and will continue on long after we leave this world. How do we live in a way that will honor the story of God?

David the Permissive Father

2 Samuel 13:1

David's actions as a Father started the path of sin for his son, Absalom. How does God work with us as we choice our paths?

David the Sinner

2 Samuel 11:1

David was a sinner. Yet, he fought to keep His relationship with God alive even when he made mistakes.

God in the Wild

2 Samuel

As we continue to examine David's life as an example to us, we see that God is present with us in unexpected ways and places. His presence does not depend on our worthiness, but on his incredible love for us.

A Dancin' Fool

1 Samuel

David was willing to dance before the Lord and he didn't care how he looked to anyone else. Are we willing to do the same and live for an audience of one?