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Humility and Forgiveness

Zephaniah 2:1-3

Allen helps us with a short primer of why the Old Testament can be difficult to understand, and then teaches about humbling ourselves before God and others.

What bothers God?

Zephaniah 1:7-18

Why does God judge and how how do we thoughtfully think about punishment?

Zephaniah Begins

God is the judge.

Allen begins our series through the old testament book Zephaniah.

Audience of One

How are we doing?

How do we evaluate how we are doing with what God has asked us to do?

Healthy Fruit

His Presence shows.

When we are growing and being formed into God's image, there are characteristics that become more and more prevalent: joy, love, peace, patience...and the list goes on.

Are we called?

What does the bible say about calling?

Does God call us to a specific vocation? Sometimes. But many of us have more freedom than we think we do.

Why am I here?

We all have a calling.

Last week we had a conversation about why BVC is here, and this week Allen teaches about what a calling for each individual looks like. How do we pursue what we are made for and how can that fit within what the church is called to do as well? Listen now.

Why is BVC here?

Comfort, comfort my people.

God has given some very specific reasons why the Billings Vineyard Church exists. Allen explains these words the Lord has given us over the 10 years we have existed in Billings, and what it looks like to represent Him well.

God's Motive

We all have a job to do.

What has God called all Christians to do? What is it that the global church is supposed to be doing to further God motive?

God Called Us

What are we living for?

God has gifted us and called us to a vocation. How do we navigate those callings and do what we are created to do?

1 John

The last of 1 John.

Love one another, believe in this letter and go deeper as God changes your heart.

On Worship

A daily rhythm.

John walks us through the importance of viewing worship as a daily way to live, and how that daily pursuit can magnify when we gather together to praise God.

1 John

Resurrection Day 2016

He Is Risen! What does that mean for us?

1 John

Love. Love. Love.

How do we love? Why should we love? What does our ability to love others show? These questions (and more!) answered for us for the beginning of Holy Week 2016.

God and Discipline

Discipline is love.

How do we know the difference between God's punishment and God's love? It has to do with our image of Him and our understanding of His love.

1 John

Focus on love.

It may seem like 1 John is repetitive. That is because it is. The message is that important: love each other.

1 John

Love the world.

God says we are to love people, yet we are to hate the world (which is people...). Allen speaks about how we do both.

1 John

Love and fruit.

When we have a flourishing relationship with God, we often find it easier to love people.

Saying Yes to No

Giving everything to God.

Brad Hudson shares on how we can react with humility and faithfulness when God tells us "no".

1 John 1:5-2:6

Sin with a capital "S".

So often we deal with sin from a behavior modification angle. However, we become more like Jesus when we look at sin as the barrier between us and our true relationship with our Father.

1 John 1

How do we apply John?

The kick-off of a three month-ish study in 1 John. We just went through the gospel of John, and 1 John will help us apply and "do" what we learned from the gospel.

Ministry Sunday 2016

Get involved!

A run down of all we do at BVC with your hosts, Allen and Adam. Learn about all the ways to get involved and laugh a little.

The Vision for 2016

Where we've been. Where we are going.

Allen gives the annual State of the Church address and explains where we've been and where we are going. 2016 is marked with building community with our neighbors and a more strategic discipling process. Allen asks that we look for the "charcoal fires" and ask the Lord to go deeper with us in those moments.

John 21

The Gospel of John ends.

After almost a year in the book of John, we hear the last few verses from one of the disciples himself.

John 21

The second charcoal fire.

What is next? The instructions: take care of my sheep.

John 20-21

Faith is believing without seeing.

Jesus appears to the disciples and they share fish and bread at a charcoal fire.

John 20

Jesus among them.

Jesus appears to the disciples and they were filled with Joy. As we celebrate the third week of advent, Joy is the theme.

John 20

He isn't here.

The tomb is open and Jesus is no longer there. This event changes everything.

John 19

Christ is fully God, fully human.

Jesus is dead. Those watching didn't know the Resurrection was coming. The Romans and the Jews had conflicting priorities; Adam explains how the events played out.

John 19

Jesus gave up His breath.

The crucifixion of Jesus changed the world. This sermon walks us through the details of what happened, and how Abraham and Isaac were connected to this event thousands of years before.