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Resurrection Day 2015

Bold access to God

It's OK to barge in boldly to talk with God. That is what we a designed to want. On the cross, He accomplished His ultimate joy: to gain closeness with us.

John 4

What do I believe?

A history of Palm Sunday and a look into John 4 to discover what it means to believe and trust in Jesus.

Four Mirrors

What do you see if your reflection?

Brad gives us some gold to pursue real life.

John 4

John 4:1-42: The woman at the well.

"That man you speak of...I am Him." When we throw out land mines, Jesus disarms them for our benefit.

John 2

Destroy the temple, and I will rebuild it in three days.

John 2

Water into wine.

The disciples had to trust Jesus to serve. We have to learn to do the same.

The Assignment

God doesn't do random.

Phil Strout, the National Director for the Vineyard USA, shares with us some of his story and explains the significance of God's plan and assignment.

John 1

Come and see.

We continue through John chapter 1, starting at verse 35.

John 1

The journey begins.

John offers us a bioptic view of Christ's life when combined with the writings in Mark. John 1 marks the beginning of our year with John.

Ministry Sunday 2015

Learn about the active ministries @ BVC

A discussion of each ministry that is currently part of what we do at BVC. Get involved!

State of the Church 2015

Where we are. Where we are going.

Allen discusses what God did at BVC in 2014 and where we are headed for the coming year.

Enjoy Him

What is joy?

What is the difference between happiness and joy, and why does joy have so much value? Allen helps us to understand the overwhelming joy that comes from our relationship with Christ.

Love: The Incarnation Motive

Receive God's love, give it away, repeat.

Love is the Motive

The importance of being "with."

Our relationship with God has to go both ways, and we need to spend time with Him (just like we need to spend time on relationships with others). Part of the joy comes from the "with" part.

Hope and Patience

He will come again.

Adam shares how patience and hope work together to help us with our mission of reaching others with the message of Jesus.

The Pursuit

Reach out to those who like you.

God's motive is always love, so as we reach out to those that don't know Him we must be motivated by love.

Love Thy Neighbor

Reaching out in love.

In order to reach the lost, we have to put love first. If we trying to lead with anything but love, we will likely fail.

What Did Hosea Teach Us?

Love me with a capital

God wants us to know what He is like, and if we will listen to Him without thinking about "what are we supposed to do" but instead listen to His heart about who He is and what He is like, we will understand His love.

Hosea 14

God wants us to choose Him.

As God judges and brings punishment, He always wants us to turn to Him. He doesn't want us to perish or be in pain and always holds out for us to choose Him.

Finishing Well

Friction should cause growth towards God.

Adam details the way leaders can evaluate if they are finishing in a way that points towards God.

Hosea 13

Do we live like He loves us?

The last section of the indictments as we near the end of our series in Hosea.

Hosea 12

Character quality matters.

Jesus Paid it All

God is sin bearer.

Dianne shares some pieces of her story and spends some time simply focusing on Jesus and the treasures and knowledge that He brought to earth two centuries ago.

Hosea 11

I want to do it myself.

God is a gentleman. He never forces Himself upon us. Even when we choose the hard way and we want to control everything ourselves, He stills loves us and waits for us to ask for guidance.

Hosea 10

Freedom from a hard heart.

To have the relationship we are meant to have with God, we have to allow Him to point to the places in our hearts that have become hard and crusty, and then allow Him to soften them.

Hosea 9

We become what we worship.

God knows our heart. He doesn't want a relationship based on what we get, but instead on binding ourselves with God for the betterment of the Kingdom.

Magnify Jesus

Each day we must refocus on Him.

Brad compares fly fishing to our need to magnify Jesus in our actions. We have to make the decision every day to show Jesus to others in our daily activities.

Hosea 8

Love for the disloyal.

An overview of how Hosea fits into the bible as a whole and a deeper look at chapter 8.

Luke Officially Says Hello

Luke shares a bit about his story.

Luke Ash, our new pastor, shares some of his life story.

Hosea 7

I wanted to redeem them...

More on the message God had for Israel from the prophet Hosea.