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Healing Love

God heals us daily.

Something has value when we willing to give something we have in order to get something we want. God gave Jesus because He values and loves us.

I'll Believe It When I See It

We have freedom in Christ.

When you encounter the risen Christ, you cannot walk away unchanged.

Transform Us

Grace changes us from the inside out.

Adam Wall shares how the truth that Jesus is alive (just like He said He would be) must transform us because it proves that He is who He said He was.

Help Me In My Unbelief

Do not be afraid.

How to step out and have faith when fear or uncertainty are holding you back.

The Victor

He Is Risen Victoriously!

The first sermon in our series "The Victor and the Prize" on Resurrection Day 2014. Jesus defeated sin and came out of the tomb with the keys to death not by fighting, but by surrendering.

Giving Spiritual Gifts

Gifts and hearing God.

A discussion of how we are to use spiritual gifts and how to discern hearing God and then doing what He has asked.

Transformed in Worship

God meets us in worship.

The purpose of worship is to praise and glorify God, but sometimes God uses our time in worship to transform us.

Integrity Counts

Integrity in worship.

Are our hearts in line with what we are singing? How to bring integrity to our worship and be active and honest during worship.

What Do You See?

Lenses affect worship.

Steve shares part of his story to help us see how our lenses affect how we view God and worship.

The Sacrifice in Worship

Worship is not for us.

When we gather on Sundays, we sing because God loves to hear us sing. It is not about what God does for us during our time of worship, it's about what we are giving to God.

What Does God Want?

Romans 11 & 12

A look in Romans to understand the nuts and bolts of why and how we worship.

Breaking Down Barriers

Why barriers affect worship.

How the barriers we have with God effect our relationship with Him and our ability to fully worship.

Walking Away From Idols

Worship kills worldly idols.

A continuation of the discussion on idolatry and how worshiping Jesus will help break the bonds and desires of other idols.

Worshiping God Alone

There is only one God.

Anything that we worship that is not God will not be capable of helping you.

Big "W" Worship

Worship as life.

While we worship together on Sundays in a corporate worship sense (with a small "w"), true worship comes from the relationship we live every day and the way we honor our King in our everyday actions (big "W").

Praying for One Another

Prayer, Healing and Worship

Adam teaches a bit about prayer and healing, and then turns the morning over to God to work during a time of prayer.

For All God's Worth

Why is worship so important?

The first message in our series on worship.

Ministry Sunday 2014

What we do @ BVC.

A brief introduction to every ministry @ BVC and information on how you can get involved.

State of the Church 2014

Reflection and Vision 2014

Allen discusses where God has led in 2013 and where we think He is pointing us for 2014.

Hebrews 13

Closing Hebrews.

Brad Hudson wraps up our series in Hebrews by weaving the entire text together and finding the central messages.

Hebrews 12:18-13:10

Worship and faith.

A discussion about the connection between turning our worship completely towards Jesus and stronger faith.

Hebrews 12

Discipline vs. punishment.

God's discipline is given with love. If we learn to understand discipline as an act of love (and not punishment) we will continue to grow.

Hebrews 11

Faith and forgiveness.

Our Hebrews series has thus far laid a foundation for this message: faith and forgiveness.

Hebrews 10

No one is disqualified from worship.

Hebrews 9:16-10:17

Sacrifice and our perceptions.

Hebrews 8:3-13

Old covenant vs. new covenant.

Hebrews 7:1-8:2

The greatest covenant.

Hebrews 6

God Knows You

God is more committed to you than you are to you.

Hebrews 5

Spiritual Maturity

God pushes us to move into maturity in our faith, to grow and learn so that we can handle increasingly difficult work for the kingdom.

Hebrews 3

Faith in the desert.

Adam speaks about confessing faith even in times of stress and struggle. Learn about how to weather a desert experience and come to the other side with a stronger faith.