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Hebrews 1

Living for the Kingdom.

A discussion about the "excluded middle" and the spiritual dynamics of angels (and fallen angels) and their roles. We are set above the angels and are more important to God. Learn to live every day for the Kingdom and with the Holy Spirit.

Hebrews 1

Hebrews begins.

We begin our study through the book of Hebrews with verses 1-3.

Closing Friendship

So what do I do?

We have learned about all the characteristics of a good friendship. Allen helps us understand the actions we can take moving forward.


Love and grace.

Understand how grace and love play important roles in how we relate to each other and how God models both grace and love or us to see.

*Note: Due to technical difficulties, this recording is only part of the original sermon.

A Passion for Children

Advocating for the kids.

Becky Olmstead explains the importance of teaching children to truly accept God and make Him the center of their lives.