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I Shall Not Want

Psalm 23:1

I Shall Not Want: The Lord will not give you everything you want; it means He will help you desire what desires for you.

The Lord is My Shepherd

Psalm 23:1

We are led by a good shepherd, who wants to take care of us and help us become what we are meant to be.

Solitude, Community and the Flow of Ministry

In solitude with God, we learn our belovedness, which always us to function healthily within a community. Then ministry becomes something that flows from us, instead of something we do.

Ministry Sunday 2018

Once a year, we spend a Sunday devoted to what ministries and programs we have as a church, and why we have them.

A Diverse Church Part 2

How can we pursue relationships within our community that will bring diverse voices to our table.

A Diverse Church Part 1

We just finished the book of James, and are taking a few weeks to talk about the things God would like to say to our church. This week: racism.

Warning Against Judging Others

James 4:11-5:6

True Wisdom Comes From God

James 3:13-4:10

Controlling the Tongue

James 3:1-12

"For if we could contol our tongues, we would be perfect and could also control ourselves in every way." What we say matters, and moving deeper into a relationship with God includes using our words well.

Faith Without Good Deeds is Dead

James 2:14-26

Doing God's work is a sign of His relationship within us.

The Warning Against Prejudice

James 2:1-13

Listening and Doing

James 1:13-27

Faith and Endurance

James 1:1-12

A relationship with God causes change in a believer's life.

A BVC Chat for Summer 2018

Two topics: Money and what God says to do with it, and a discussion on why people are never the enemy.


On Father's Day, Allen teaches on why full surrender to God and His path for your life is so important.

Acts Wrap Up

After 48 weeks in the book of Acts, Allen wraps up the series and gives understanding to what this book of the New Testament means for us.

Paul on the Island of Malta

Acts 28:1-31

Paul Sails for Rome

Acts 27:1-44

Paul Speaks to Agrippa

Acts 25:23-26:32

Paul Appears Before Festus

Acts 25:1-22

Paul Appears before Felix

Acts 24:1-27

The Plan to Kill Paul

Acts 23:11-35

Difficult situations or relational tension can be used by God to help us fulfill our calling.

Paul Reveals His Roman Citizenship

Acts 22:24 - 23:11

God invites us to respect authority in a counter-cultural way.

Paul Speaks to the Crowd

Acts 21:37-22:23

Paul speaks to the Jewish people to help them understand that God loves all people (even the Gentiles).

Paul Arrives in Jerusalem

Acts 21: 15-25

Holy Week 2018: Resurrection Day

Luke 24: 1-53

Resurrection Day: He Is Risen!

Holy Week 2018: Good Friday

Luke 23: 1-56

Despair: Jesus is tortured and crucified.

Holy Week 2018: Communion Service

Luke 22: 1-50

Confusion: Holy Thursday brings the last supper and Jesus in the garden waiting arrest.

Holy Week 2018: Palm Sunday

Luke 19: 28-48

On Palm Sunday, Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey and took leadership of the temple. In the days that followed, events took place that were disorienting. The universe would never be the same.

Paul's Journey to Jerusalem

Acts 21: 1-14