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Change is a Process

The Lord is more interested in creating us than finishing us.

What needs to Change?

Learning to change as God intends, not as we intend.

Why is Change Hard?

Understanding change takes a paradigm shift.

A Need and Hope for Transformation

Can we really be different?

Resurrection Day 2019

Mark 16:1-20

The resurrection of Jesus changed everything.

Destroying the Temple

Mark 13:1-14:10

God will do what needs to be done to protect the oppressed.

Belonging Before Behaving

Mark 11:1-12:44

Love God. Love people. What barriers do we make for people to enter the church?

Our Lives Count

Mark 9:33-10:16

We've been given a world changing mission.

God's Mission

Mark 8:31-9:32

You are the Messiah

Mark 8:1-30

The disciples witness miracle after miracle, and grasp the true identity of Jesus.

Inner Life and Healing

Mark 7: 1-36

Who is this Man?

Mark 4:16-5:20

After Jesus calmed the wind and the waves, the disciples recognized His exceptional authority.

The Strongman and the Bad Farmer

Mark 3:13-4:20

Jesus has authority over all, and he spreads His love lavishly.

The Authority of Jesus

Mark 1:21-2:12

How do we function in the authority of Jesus as we represent Him?

Mark: The Baptist and the First Followers

Mark 1:1-20

We begin our Spring series in the Gospel of Mark.

The State of the Church 2018

Our annual address discussing where we have been and where we are going.