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Core Four

BVC offers several options for discipleship, or training to do the things that Jesus did.
We call it Core Discipleship.
We recommend starting with the Core Four series, jumping into a Core More Workshop that interests you, and embarking on our 9 month Core Next adventure when you are ready to go to the next level of leadership and character development.

The Core Four courses are, simply put, to help you know Jesus better. Knowing Jesus better leads to following Him more closely and then being able to do the stuff He did and does.

The next course, START HERE, begins March 5th. REGISTER HERE

The courses offered each year are:
Start Here (March 5th - March 26th 2019)
The Kingdom of God (May 7th - May 28th 2019)
Life in the Spirit (September 3rd - September 24th 2019)
Power Evangelism (November 5th - November 26th 2019)

Childcare is available at no cost for each session. Anyone is welcome and you do not need to have taken the other courses to benefit from an individual course.

Course Descriptions:
Start Here
Why is a relationship with Jesus important?
Start Here, the first of our Core Four series of discipleship courses, is the launching point for understanding why a relationship with Jesus is important. During our five weeks together, we explore the foundations of the Christian faith, what it means to be a Christian, who Jesus is and was, and why He died. In an informal gathering, we follow a presentation with large and small group discussions to fully explore what we believe and what it means for us from now on. Whether you are new to following Jesus or just curious about the faith, Start Here!

The Kingdom of God
Why did Jesus spend so much time teaching about God’s Kingdom?
Jesus came announcing the gospel of the Kingdom of God. After He was killed and raised from the dead, He met with His disciples for forty- days teaching them about the Kingdom of God. As this was so important to Jesus, it is critical that we understand all we can about the it. 

Life in the Spirit
How does God’s Spirit help us to live in harmony?
As Jesus’ disciples, how we live together matters for our own growth. It also helps the people around us believe what we have to say. This course explores how we can live in harmony through the presence of God’s Spirit with us.

Power Evangelism
How do I tell others about Jesus?
The title of this course refers to a book by John Wimber, the founder of the Vineyard Movement. In this class, we learn how to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit as He uses us to lead people into the Kingdom of God. God is passionate about bringing people into a relationship with Himself. When we are open to His prompting, we can co-labor with Him in this. Acts 1:8 points out that the purpose of the power of the Holy Spirit is evangelism. 


Spend the afternoon in a workshop-style environment as we discuss discipleship topics that go above and beyond our Core Four Discipleship First Steps.

The next CORE MORE WORKSHOPS are scheduled for Sunday, April 28th. Check back after April 1st for topic details.

Recent topics include:
All Precious in His Sight 
Racial reconciliation isn't a political issue, it is the activity that follows embracing the truth that all people are the beloved of Jesus. We will explore the roots of racism in American culture and how those roots permeated the church. In addition, we will discuss what reconciliation looks like in Billings, Montana and the United States.

Hearing the Voice of God 
God often communicates with us in unexpected, nuanced ways that can be easily missed if we are not paying attention. During this workshop, we will learn how to cultivate our relationship with God within the daily rhythms we already experience and add some simple tools to help us know what God is up to.


What is God leading you into next?

Core Next is a nine month adventure into learning who you are, discovering what God has purposed for you, studying scripture with deeper intent, building practical ministry and leadership skills, and developing foundational practices that will anchor your faith for years to come.

Core Next takes place every other year, and we encourage those wishing to participate to complete our Core Four series as a prerequisite. The next cohort will start in September 2019.