This Sunday we begin a five week look into Jesus… From his perspective. Wemeet Jesus through the way he identifies himself! In our context, we knowpeople through name, title and relationship. Often, the lines blur when titleand relationship become identity.
The flip side of that coin is that we can think we know someone based on falsepretenses. We can “mis-know” someone based on bias, the experience of others,learning about them out of context… And, in the case of Jesus, we have to facethe truth that some people “mis-know” Jesus due to the behavior of someChristians.

Jesus is able to overcome… He makes himself known in scripture and in life inways that make him undeniable. He presents his true self, and the falsepretense falls away.

Only 19 months old, Helen Keller fell ill with a disease that doctors at thetime described as “congestion of the brain and stomach.” This illness left herboth blind and deaf, but this did not stop her from becoming an inspirationalforce for those that learn her story.

While she was the first person with these disabilities to earn a bachelor’sdegree and became a prolific author, for me her greatest achievement is tied towhat God was doing through her. After she learned to communicate at 10 yearsold, her parents brought in a Boston area pastor named Phillips Brooks.

One dayas Brooks was teaching her the Gospel, Helen said this: “I knew aboutGod before you told me, only I didn’t know his name!”

God reveals himself to us as an act of Love. From the moment he reveals hisname to the Israelites, through his incarnation to Walk with us in Jesus, thepower of God’s name reveals who he is and what he is doing.

To hear the story of God revealing his name, check out this video:

This Sunday we kickoff a series that allows Jesus to introduce himself using his name, the name above all names, I Am.