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Wisdom Gained

1/5/2020 Tom Wilson   

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

9/29/2019 Bryan McLees   

Grief and God

10/1/2017 Joel Seymour   

Being Made Holy

10/16/2016 Brad Hudson  Genesis 2:18-25 

On Worship

4/3/2016 John Hodges  A daily rhythm. 

God and Discipline

3/16/2016 Adam Greenwell  Discipline is love. 

Saying Yes to No

2/7/2016 Brad Hudson  Giving everything to God. 

God Loves You

10/4/2015 Michael Gatlin  Feel the love, share the love. 

David and Goliath

7/5/2015 Ezra Gratham  Bringing wisdom and strength to our challenges. 

Four Mirrors

3/24/2015 Brad Hudson  What do you see if your reflection? 

The Assignment

2/8/2015 Phil Strout  God doesn't do random. 

Finishing Well

10/27/2014 Adam Greenwell  Friction should cause growth towards God. 

Jesus Paid it All

10/5/2014 Dianne Leman  God is sin bearer.