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Hosea 11

9/28/2014 Allen Hodges  I want to do it myself. 

Hosea 10

9/21/2014 Allen Hodges  Freedom from a hard heart. 

Hosea 9

9/14/2014 Allen Hodges  We become what we worship. 

Magnify Jesus

9/7/2014 Brad Hudson  Each day we must refocus on Him. 

Hosea 8

8/31/2014 Allen Hodges  Love for the disloyal. 

Luke Officially Says Hello

8/24/2014 Luke Ash  Luke shares a bit about his story. 

Hosea 7

8/17/2014 Allen Hodges  I wanted to redeem them... 

Hosea 6

8/10/2014 Allen Hodges  Knowing God's heart and truly listening. 

Hosea 5

8/3/2014 Allen Hodges  Evidence of the hurt. 

Hosea 3

7/20/2014 Allen Hodges  God loves people, even when people don't love Him. 

Hosea 2

7/13/2014 Allen Hodges  Love for His bride. 

Hosea 1

7/6/2014 Allen Hodges  Why we should listen. 

In the Hands of the Potter

6/29/2014 Dave Blakeslee  Mold me, God. 

Mission Possible: Matthew 28

6/15/2014 Allen Hodges  Teach the nations. 

Anxiety vs. Contentment

6/8/2014 Allen Hodges  What is God saying? 

The Prize of New Creation

6/1/2014 Allen Hodges  Where is the world going? 

Rejoice in Resurrection

5/25/2014 Brad Hudson  The call of the Kingdom. 

Healing Love

5/18/2014 Allen Hodges  God heals us daily. 

I'll Believe It When I See It

5/13/2014 Allen Hodges  We have freedom in Christ. 

Transform Us

5/4/2014 Adam Wall  Grace changes us from the inside out. 

Help Me In My Unbelief

4/27/2014 Allen Hodges  Do not be afraid. 

The Victor

4/20/2014 Allen Hodges  He Is Risen Victoriously! 

Giving Spiritual Gifts

4/13/2014 Allen Hodges  Gifts and hearing God. 

Transformed in Worship

3/30/2014 Allen Hodges  God meets us in worship. 

Integrity Counts

3/23/2014 Allen Hodges  Integrity in worship. 

What Do You See?

3/18/2014 Steve Scansen  Lenses affect worship. 

The Sacrifice in Worship

3/9/2014 Allen Hodges  Worship is not for us. 

What Does God Want?

3/2/2014 Allen Hodges  Romans 11 & 12 

Breaking Down Barriers

2/23/2014 Adam Greenwell  Why barriers affect worship. 

Walking Away From Idols

2/18/2014 Allen Hodges  Worship kills worldly idols. 

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Showing records 241 through 270.