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God Stories

What is God Doing?

stories from our BVC community and beyond

Lori's Story: A Hip Healed

Written by Jenna Greenwell

On a scale of one to ten, what is the level of your pain?

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A Story from Timor: A Changed Heart

The Wall family, long time members of the BVC community and missionaries in Timor since summer 2015, share this story with us from a recent night of training at a local YWAM base.

Written by Megan Wall

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Dave's Story: Jesus and His Law Firm

Jesus’ work in my life is demonstrated by two simple stories, which I view as miracles.  The first example is the story of how Jesus prepared Paige and me to start our law firm in 2002.  The second example is the story about how He completed our most recent trial in 2015.  In both stories, Paige and I recognize Jesus and the Holy Spirit leading us through a process to achieve God’s purpose.

Jesus Starts A Law Firm

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A Story from Timor: Listening to the Holy Spirit Pays Off

Written by Ashley Milsop

On Wednesday morning, we were preparing for our day and felt that God was inviting us to join Him in His work as we were out running errands. We had to get pictures taken for visa extension documents and then decided to walk around and see who the Holy Spirit pointed out to us to pray for. As we were walking along, Megan noticed a man who was selling cigarettes by the side of the road and had a leg that looked stunted and shriveled. We stopped to pray together to see what God was saying and had just about decided to walk on and perhaps come back and pray for him later when Edan said he thought the man had headaches. So we went back and struck up a conversation. His name was Noel, and he said he did have a headache and welcomed prayer. By this time, a group of Timorese had gathered around to watch the foreigners pray for a total stranger. Edan felt a little self-conscious about the onlookers, but since he was the one who got the word about the headaches, he prayed for Noel. After he finished and Ashley asked Noel if he sensed anything, Noel just said, "Calm."  So Ashley took the opportunity to assure him that that was the Holy Spirit with him, seeking a relationship with him.  She also made sure to point out that it was God, not us, who cured his headache, because God loves him dearly.  We found out that Noel sits at that spot, selling cigarettes six days a week and told him that the next time we are in the neighborhood, we will say hello.

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Tara's Story: Following God's Nudges

Written by Tara Feldner

I remember clearly the first time a pastor spoke to a church I was attending about spiritual gifts. I was about 25 years old. Okay, maybe I don’t remember exactly WHEN, but the sermon is clear in my mind. It was at Calvary Chapel in Queen Creek, AZ, and I was in a whirl of different emotions both during and after the message. Throughout my years of Catholic upbringing and subsequent Baptist church attendance, I never really understood that all people have spiritual callings and could use them to spread the Good News. The internal question that immediately followed was a panicked, “What in the world is my spiritual calling?!” 

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Nona's Story: A Sunday Morning Miracle

Written by Jenna Greenwell

Nona Baker is no stranger to miracles. She, along side her husband Bill, have been missionaries for Jesus for their entire married lives. Whether they were smuggling bibles into oppressed countries or helping orphans in eastern Europe, God has always shown up in very tangible, practical ways. Ways that make you certain that only He is the provider.

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Jessica's Story: We Can Hear His Voice. Trust It.

Written by Jessica Russell

My family and I were driving on the highway listening to a worship album. I was daydreaming about how I will eventually incorporate my favorite tunes into our worship gatherings. My husband turns up the volume, "Oh, I like this one!" I listen a bit more closely. This song, that hasn't really been on my radar, begins to embed itself in my heart.

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Adam's Story: Road to the Rally Point

Written by Adam Greenwell

Last March I had the opportunity to be interviewed by a radio show on the Military Appreciation Channel that has led to an interesting endeavor. After the interview I was asked if I had considered doing a radio show myself. At the time I laughed this off, but the offer continued to be presented over several months. The persistence led me to think over what my own show looked like and I drew a blank. Because I could not think of an idea, I wrote off the idea… for a bit.

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The Vineyard Missional Leaders Meeting: God is Doing Amazing Things

Written by Larry Severa, our BVC missions leader.

I went to the Vineyard Missional Leaders Meeting (MLM) in Colorado Springs the first week of October. It was an exciting time of meeting Vineyard kin with missional mindsets and hearing their stories.  And let me tell you, God is doing amazing things around the world.  For example, the Vineyard on the African continent has 273 vineyard churches in 28 countries and there are 16 partnerships from the United States working there.  In Kenya alone there are over 70 Vineyard churches.  

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A Note From Nepal: Updates from Babu and EquipNepal

We asked EquipNepal to give us an update about what God is doing in Nepal since the devastating earthquake last spring. Below is an update from Babu Varghese, founder of Blessed Children's Home and Nepal Evangelical Mission and EquipNepal partner.

Earthquake Aftermath

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