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Core More Workshops


Spend the afternoon on Sunday, April 28th with us from 2:30-4:30pm in a workshop-style environment as we discuss topics that go above and beyond our Core Four discipleship path.
Our topics (choose one):
The Adventure of Scripture
Explore the Bible from what it is, how to read it and everything in between! We will find the common thread that ties all 66 books into a narrative that reveals the living God, and talk about how to read the Bible effectively as it relates to our relationship with Jesus.

Firestarter: A Reintroduction into Biblical Marriage
What does God say about marriage? This workshop takes a look at this question, what it looks like in our current culture and how we can maintain God’s design for marriage.

Hearing the Voice of God
God often communicates with us in unexpected, nuanced ways that can be easily missed if we are not paying attention. During this workshop, we will learn how to cultivate our relationship with God within the daily rhythms we already experience and add some simple tools to help us know what God is saying to us.