Welcome home

You will often see and hear the words “Welcome Home” within our Vineyard Community. To us, welcome home embodies our desire to bring those who are looking for somewhere to belong into a community that will love them, protect them and help them grow. Jesus radically welcomed everyone, no matter the circumstance or life stage, into a heart and soul changing relationship. We like His model.

The Vineyard community is inspired by two passages in the Bible. In 2005, God revealed these scriptures as our mission and reason for existing in Billings, Montana.

Our Mission

Teach people about Jesus and help them teach othersMatthew 28:18-20

Our Reason

Comfort the broken and make a clear path to the healing Jesus has for us all • Isaiah 40:1-31


The following values are crucial components of everything we do as a church. We define church this way: A community of people among whom the Holy Spirit resides for the purpose of expanding God’s Kingdom on earth. This means we desire that every group, ministry or meeting is presented and executed in a way that reflects these seven core values.

1) Everything is about Jesus

Since none of us created the world, died for anyone or even saved anyone, perhaps we want to rethink what the universe, world and our lives are really about. My life is not my own. Everything is about Jesus. Very little, if any of it is about me, you or us.

Scripture: Colossians 1:15-20

What this looks like in practice:

— Keep your ego in check
— Purposely thinking “this isn’t about me”
— Pursue God’s vision, mission and direction
— Be open to the promptings of the Holy Spirit
— Look for Jesus in other people

2) Each person is important

Every person matters to Jesus and to us. We want each person to have significant relationships in which they really know each other. No person is disposable. God pursues each of us with passion and persistence.

Which means that each person regardless of age, education, socio-economic status, culture or race, is welcomed and valued.

Scripture: Romans 5:8

What this looks like in practice:

— Be hospitable, welcome new people with cheerfulness
— Take the initiative to meet and get to know people
— Make time to talk with people, have them over for dinner or meet for coffee
— Pray for people as the Holy Spirit directs—Make the effort to listen to people to really understand them and their culture
— Be open to changing how we do things so that people from other cultures know we value them

3) Each person is authentic

We must live as our true selves, without hiding from God or each other.

Scripture: Psalm 139

What this looks like in practice:

— Be open to the Holy Spirit showing you who you are
— Don’t shut other people down, but listen to learn who they really are
— Make people feel free to be themselves
— Be vulnerable with each other, let people know the real you
— Сonfess your sins to one another, praying for each other
— Laugh, a lot.

4) Each person grows into who God made them to be

We want this community to be filled with people who are doing exactly what God made them for and to do what Jesus called them to do. In community we help each other figure this out and then do it.

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 12:12-31

What this looks like in practice:

— Jump in to help
— Be willing to step out of your comfort zone to try new things to see if it fits who you are
— Encourage others to do things with you
— Spend time with God in spiritual disciplines to hear what you are for
— Take discipleship classes to grow in your relationship with Christ

5) Each person receives and gives grace

Grace is the emotion of like that God has for each of us. We want to like each other as well— cheering for, encouraging, being kind to and advocating for people.

Scripture: Ephesians 1:6

What this looks like in practice:

— Withhold judgement, think the best of others
— Be kind
— Be thoughtful, think about what others are like and going through
— Encourage each other, asking what is God up to in their life
— Be quick to forgive, don’t be offended, don’t hold onto perceived slights
— Keep your ego in check

6) Each person is generous

We get to give. How cool is that?

Scripture: Matthew 10:8

What this looks like in practice:

— Give cheerfully and sacrificially to the church and to people in need
— Understand all you have belongs to Jesus, and follow His direction as to how you spend His resources
— Seek the Holy Spirit first when making decisions

7) Each person lives on mission

As a community created by and for Jesus, our purpose and mission is what Jesus asked us to do—disciple the nations. Each of them and all of them, and yes, even here in Montana.

Scripture: Matthew 28:18-20

What this looks like in practice:

— Get to know your neighbors
— Practice hospitality
— Exhibit care for others with compassion
— Be willing to talk with people about Jesus and what He is doing in your own life
— Go on a mission trip
— Invite and include people in the things you do, especially those who don’t know Jesus.

OUR team

Adam Greenwell

Senior Pastor


Adam and his family moved to Montana and joined the Vineyard Church during the summer of 2013. He started pastoring in the Vineyard movement in 2008, and previously served as an officer in the Marine Corps. Adam has an undergraduate degree in Education from Buena Vista University, a masters degree from Fuller Theological Seminary and is currently pursuing a PhD in History through Liberty University. When not at the office, Adam loves to be outdoors with his wife, Jenna, and their three daughters. He also loves his cats (which will be obvious as you get to know him).

Allen Hodges



Allen came to Christ at eight years of age. Throughout high school and college, he was active in para-church ministries. After college he served as a Youth Pastor in a Presbyterian church in Portland, OR. Allen attended a John Wimber conference in 1986, and has been part of the Vineyard Church movement ever since. He has served the Vineyard on staff in Arcadia, CA and Greeley, CO and pastored the Vineyard in Curtis, NE for twelve years before moving to Montana to plant the Billings Vineyard Church in 2005. Allen currently serves as the Regional Leader for the Big Sky Region (ID, MT, WY, SD, ND).

Rory Wilson



Rory and his wife, Sandy, moved to Billings in 2010 after he retired from a career in the California Department of Corrections. He has made our building clean and safe, first as a staff member at Harvest Church and now as part of the Vineyard Church, since 2011. Rory and Sandy have two grown children they enjoy spending time with, and Rory is often found on the golf course when weather permits.

Lauren Schoer

Ministry Coordinator


Lauren is a Midwest girl who moved to Billings in 2015 to be closer to her husband, Scott, and they have called the Vineyard their church family ever since. She is a stepmom to two children and together they are a foster family for Yellowstone County. Previously she served in the Montana Army National Guard for eight years and has worked most recently in aviation communications for a local hospital.

Jenna Greenwell

Worship, Prayer & Spiritual Formation Coordinator


Volunteer Ministry Leaders

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Worship Location: 1413 Rosebud Lane, Billings, MT 59101
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