Thanksgiving Feast Outreach

bless a family blessings community meal nominate outreach pie thanksgiving turkey Oct 04, 2021

Thanksgiving is a wonderful day to prepare a delicious meal, gather around a table with friends and family, and enjoy the blessings that God has given us. And let's not forget eating copious amounts of pie! However, for many families in our community, the ability to gather the supplies for a traditional Thanksgiving feast is well beyond their means. That's where we come in...

It has become our church family tradition to bless local families with the ingredients to prepare a delicious feast for Thanksgiving. In order to have all of the supplies in time for the big day (and to allow plenty of time for the turkeys to thaw), we will follow a timeline:

Month of October: Pray and ask God if there's a family you could nominate. Fill out the nomination form either at the church or online at this link: Thanksgiving Feast Nomination to let us know who we can bless with a meal. The last day to nominate a family will be October 31st. Nominating a family doesn't mean you have to provide the meal!

November 1st-14th: Pray about whether God is asking you to purchase a meal for a family. We will have info for the nominated families in our church lobby to be assigned by November 14th. 

November 17th-21st: Meals will be purchased and delivered by the Sunday before Thanksgiving to give time for turkeys to thaw.

As always, if you are willing to buy a meal for a family but need help with shopping and/or delivery, we can help! If you cannot afford to buy the meal but would like to help with shopping and/or delivery, let us know! Teamwork makes the dream work!

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