The Great Cornholio | Tournament Results

Jun 27, 2021

Thank you to all who came out for the epic cornhole battle on Saturday, June 26th! We had a blast! Everyone feasted on delicious food and then faced their foes with bean bags in hand. Prize winners were announced at the end of the tournament:

The 2 lowest scoring teams in the first round battled it out in their own match, with the winners claiming "Shorthorn" status: Ashley Milsop and her friend Stephanie. They received Hobby Lobby gift cards because they need a new hobby...cornhole obviously isn't working out for them. 

3rd Place went to Emily and Sage (friends of Tara Sinkler) who came prepared to battle in their matching tropical shirts. They received gift certificates to Kal's Chicken Coop restaurant!

2nd Place (Adam likes to call this "first losers") were Kai Peetz and his friend Lane. They received gift cards to Cabela's.

This is the prize worth fighting for...the statuette for the Cornholio Champion 2021. The winners of our cornhole tournament got to take this guy home and proudly display him on their mantle:

Daniel and Sarah Meuchel tossed their way past their competition to be crowned "The Great Cornholio," walking away with gift cards to Scheels, the little statuette gnome guy, and their first official family picture with the four of them! We love making memories here at the Vineyard!

Thanks again for all who joined us, and we hope to see everyone again next year!

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