Vineyard Church | Weekly Update May 10th, 2023

adam greenwell pentecost small groups weekley update worship night May 10, 2023

Spotlights this week: Small Groups are open for registration, OG Potluck is May 21st after church, and May 28th is Worship Night @ Thirsty Street at 7pm.

What does the activity of the Holy Spirit do in the world? It stills chaos and brings order through love. As followers of Christ, we received this love and then give it away to those around us who we interact with between the Sundays.

Adam mentions this call and response litany, which we close each Sunday service with:

Lord, You have called us Your beloved,
We are Your beloved.
You have called us to go into the world,
Let us be present with the broken.
You have called us to be peacemakers,
Let us walk the way of the cross.
You have called us to set captives free,
Let us break the powers of injustice.
You have called us to tell Your story,
Let us share the joy of salvation.
You have called us to wholly love the LORD our God
and our neighbor as ourselves,
Let us love, indeed.
In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit:
May you cast out demons,
Speak in new tongues,
Tread into the dangerous places,
And pray for the sick and heal them.
Let it be so! Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!

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