The Book of Romans: April 11, 2021 - October 3, 2021

For 26 weeks in 2021, we made our way, verse by verse, through Paul's letter to Rome. It formed in us as a community the desire to turn from our selfish ways, and follow Christ's example of being in the world.

Romans Chapter 16

October 3, 2021

We have been in the book of Romans for 26 weeks, and Adam finishes with chapter 16. This chapter might be one that most people would skip over. It's just a bunch of names, right? However, it's worth noting that this chapter is unique, and it's there for a reason. There's a bigger message Paul has for the church in Rome and also for our church today. Adam discusses that message as he takes us through our final day in Romans.


Romans Chapter 15:14-33

September 26, 2021

We are all in process, but we don't have to stay where we are. Just like the artist Michelangelo saw the masterpiece within the block of stone, Paul saw people that way as well. He viewed the hearts of the people he preached to as temples, the intersection where heaven and earth collide. In this chapter of Romans, we see the height of unity in the church where Gentile churches helped the Jewish Christians in Jerusalem. This is the way the body of the Messiah is designed to work, and the way Paul has been speaking throughout the book of Romans.


Romans Chapter 15:1-13

September 19, 2021

Many people think that in order to go to church, they must behave in order to believe so they can belong to the community. In Romans, Paul encourages us to approach relationship with others in the exact opposite way. When we create the path for people to belong to our community, when we self-limit for the sake of others, they will come to believe through how we treat them.


Romans Chapter 14

September 12, 2021

Paul discusses those "weak in faith," or those who don't know what freedom in Jesus is. We are all on the path, walking towards belief in Jesus, but we are all over the map in terms of where we each are in the process. As a church, it is our responsibility to come alongside those who are weak in faith, but we cannot expect uniformity. Adam talks about our relationship with others and how we meet them where they are in their faith journey.


Romans Chapter 13

September 5, 2021

The word "submit" has negative connotations in our society, but it is the ultimate show of strength. We see the best example of submission to authority in Jesus; he submitted to God and His plan. In our country and our world, it can be difficult to submit to civil authority, but that is exactly what Paul is telling us to do. If we have an issue with authority, we have an issue with God. When we rebel against authority, we basically say that our plan is better than God's plan. Adam explains the process of submission, how our actions as the church reflect Jesus to the community, and when it's okay to question authority (but to accept the punishment that comes with it).


Romans Chapter 12:6-21

August 29, 2021

Love is a call to war, to fight in God's mission. In today's society, love is often seen as weak. Adam discusses having a mindset of finding love weak is an excuse not to do hard things. It is the work of the enemy to take a word like love and make it seem weak. God has given us gifts to be used in community. These gifts are not earned or deserved. Through them, we can find our new definition of love: to operate in our gifts and talents to serve one another. This is how we love others and how we can fight in God's mission.


Romans Chapter 12:1-5

August 22, 2021

A temple is the place where heaven and earth meet, the place where our natural realm and the Kingdom of God converge. Viewing our bodies as an instrument or tool for this meeting place helps us give our bodies as sacrifice to the work of God. Adam discusses the body of the Messiah, how we are all important pieces to the work of God, which should lead to the death of worthlessness and renewing of community.


Romans Chapter 12:1

August 15, 2021

Paul pleads for us to offer our bodies as a living and holy sacrifice to God. This is not a behavior, but is a natural outflowing of what God has done for us.

Adam gives four examples of the amazing things God has done for us in his presentation of the first verse of this impactful chapter in the book of Romans.


Romans Chapter 11:13-36

August 8, 2021

"Are we a church, or just a group of people who meet together at the same time each week?"

God's plan is the church, so we need to become the church by giving up our selfish ways. We cannot be about consumption, but about serving. The church should be a refuge for encountering God, which begins with us examining how we serve each other. 


Romans Chapter 11:1-12

August 1, 2021

Paul discusses how the Jewish people wanted a Messiah who would bring them political freedom, revenge and vindication. However, the Messiah they got robbed them of their comfort by saying they couldn't be saved by their works. God's love and sovereignty work together, and if we know them together, we have right relationship with God (righteousness.) God's gift of free will lets us choose what we worship, which is evident in our actions, thoughts and words. 


Romans Chapter 10:14-21

July 25, 2021

Brett Desper talks about 4 main questions Paul was addressing regarding what happened to Israel and how we see people in our community:

  • How do they call on God if they don't know Him?
  • How do they know Him if they don't hear about Him?
  • How can they hear about Him unless someone tells them?
  • How does someone tell them unless they've been sent?



Romans Chapter 10:1-13

July 18, 2021

Guest Speaker Brett Desper from the Bozeman Vineyard discusses how many people can be zealous for God but not have a relationship with Him. We want to be righteous because of what we've done, worthy on our own. To be justified and saved, we must confess with our mouths that Jesus is Lord, and believe in our heart, in the very depth of our soul, that God raised Jesus from the dead. If we really believe that, how does that affect how we live our lives? 


Romans Chapter 9:17-33

July 11, 2021

Adam teaches on the second half of chapter 9.


Romans Chapter 9:1-16

July 4, 2021

We had technical difficulties with our camera today. This is an audio file only. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Romans Chapter 8:18-39

June 27, 2021

We are living in the tension of the "now and not yet." The Holy Spirit is with us, helping us to align our will with the will of God, helping us to do what we can't do alone. Adam warns us not to misunderstand what Paul is saying. Don't fall into "fortune cookie Christianity." God won't give us whatever we want, whenever we want it. But God will take tragedies that befall us and work them toward His glory. When we witness this happening, it's our job to share those stories of the glory of God coming out of hurt and pain.


Romans Chapter 8:1-17

June 20, 2021

Adam teaches on the first half of Romans 8.


Romans Chapter 7

June 13, 2021

The law didn't fail. It did exactly what God intended to do with it. Adam talks about how the law was a "Torturing Paradox." It settles all relationships, as the perfect keeping of the law leads to perfect relationships. But it also is the entry point of sin into relationships because it gives the definition of sin. But with the New Creation that flows from Jesus, we are no longer bound to the law!


Romans Chapter 6

June 6, 2021

What happens after our sins are forgiven and we are declared righteous with God? Do we keep sinning? A question we should ask is whether Jesus' act transformed us? Are we looking more like Jesus (sanctification)? Can we relinquish a selfish heart? If self remains the center of our order, God can't be the center. The new life Jesus gave is freedom. However, many people will self-select out of it because they cannot give up their selfish ways. Selfishness needs to die so we can truly transform. Adam talks sanctification and giving up our selfish ways on this special Baptism Sunday.


Romans Chapter 5:12-21

May 30, 2021

Jesus and Adam (first man) were both representatives of humankind. Adam passed on the legacy of sin by demonstrating that selfishness was possible for all by choosing something other than God to be the center of our order. We have hope because Jesus broke the legacy of sin. Death is defeated by grace from a God who loves extravagantly.


Romans Chapter 5:1-11

May 23, 2021

Paul's letter to Rome turns to the theme of relationship and hope. Through Christ's faithfulness, we can have relationship with God. This is a symbiotic relationship, by the power of God doing the work for us to make us right and by us believing in Jesus. God forms us through our trials and daily habits, allowing us to rejoice in our new relationship with God. We are friends with God!


Romans Chapter 3:21-4:25

May 16, 2021

BUT NOW...The law shows us how sinful we are, BUT NOW Jesus fulfills the law! Adam talks about how humans across the world throughout varying cultures have tried to establish rituals or ways to make God do what they want. But righteousness isn't earned. It's given when we allow Jesus to be who he is. We are made righteous through faith. And the circumcised Jews and uncircumcised Gentiles of Paul's time had a common thread, which we share with them today. We are the beloved of God.


Romans Chapter 3:1-20

May 9, 2021

Adam teaches on the first half of Romans 3.


Romans Chapter 2:17-29

May 2, 2021

Adam teaches on the second half of Romans 2.


Romans Chapter 2:1-16

April 25, 2021

Jonathan Solowy brings a message of hope for anyone who feels trapped by a secret life. In this section of scripture, Paul makes a case for the harm sin causes and shows a clear path to freedom.


Romans Chapter 1:18-32

April 18, 2021

It's simple to look at these verses and see God's anger and wrath. It's easy to think that somehow God was punishing people for not leading Holy lives. Adam deconstructs this common thought and helps us to understand, in context, that sin is the product of a life not lived in right relationship with God.


Romans Chapter 1:1-17

April 11, 2021

The dive into Romans begins!

Adam Greenwell begins the series in Romans 1 (shocking, we know...) with an overview of the letter that became the book of Romans in the New Testament. We get to know Paul, the writer of this letter, as he greets the early Christian church leaders of Rome.