Walking through the Gospel of Matthew chapters 5-7 to study the words of Jesus as he taught his disciples.   

JAN 23, 2022: MATTHEW 5:6-7

Jesus taught about righteousness, encompassing all things material, physical, ecological, relationships with others, and our relationship with God. In the second verse, Adam talks about mercy; it means not giving someone what they deserve. Showing mercy and forgiveness can be difficult, but if we show mercy, we receive mercy.

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JAN 16, 2022: MATTHEW 5:4-5


Harlan discusses the encouragement of the beatitudes before diving into today's verses. Blessed are those who mourn, which refers to the mourning of sins. In mourning and repentance we are comforted by the Gospel. Blessed are the humble. We find true humility in self-giving and self-sacrifice as Jesus displayed. 

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JAN 9, 2022: MATTHEW 5:3

Adam goes through the first of the beatitudes, blessed are the poor in spirit. What do we put our hope into? Do we feed worry instead of faith? Do we see material possessions or what we do as what can sustain us?

We are poor in spirit when we realize our utter dependence on God.

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Adam Greenwell begins our journey through the Sermon on the Mount from the Gospel of Matthew. It's important in these 3 chapters that we do not take it out of the context of the entire Gospel. This section does not sum up the book of Matthew nor the disciple's faith. There is also a danger in looking at the Sermon on the Mount as about being worthy or creating a law that Jesus already fulfilled. This series will not be about "do this to be saved," but "a surrendered heart looks like this."

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