Starting Strong

January - April 2021 

As a strong start to the new year, this series focused on who we are as Christians and what we should be doing between the Sundays to expand the Kingdom of God.

Starting Strong:

Adam Greenwell begins 2021 Starting Strong! Matthew 3, Mark 1, & Luke 3 show us that we are each God's beloved through Jesus and all of us are able to start strong because of this.
Filmed January 3rd, 2021


Starting Strong:
The Way Ahead 

Adam addresses the political climate and how it has and is causing division in the Church. The Church is the way ahead, we know people are the beloved of God- how should we be treating one another no matter our politics?
Filmed January 10th, 2021 

Starting Strong: Overcoming 

Adam Greenwell is teaches on the sin in our lives, and the way God redeems our brokenness as part of his plan.
Filmed January 17th, 2021 

Starting Strong:
God Is Faithful 

Adam sits down with special guest Larry Severa to discuss Larry's discipleship journey. God has lead Larry in a number of ways and his story is one that will help you realize that God will mold you & build you in ways you never imagined.
Filmed January 24th, 2021 

Starting Strong:
God Is Generous 

Ezra Grantham discusses the work of the Gideons & the importance of simply getting God's Word in to people's hands- then trusting God to do the rest. Adam Greenwell then continues our teaching series Starting Strong.
Filmed January 31st, 2021 

Starting Strong: Spiritual Gifts

Adam Greenwell continues week six of our teaching series Starting Strong with an overview of why God gives spiritual gifts.
Filmed February 7th, 2021 

Starting Strong: We Get to Give 

What spiritual gifts has God given you that can be used to build up the community?
Filmed February 14th, 2021