December 4th, 2022: Receive the Blessing of the Prince of Peace

We often try to find peace in anything and everything other than Jesus Christ. However, true peace only comes as the afterglow of salvation. It comes as a gift that is given to us from the Prince of Peace, Himself. This Advent season we celebrate the birth of God as a baby in a manger, and look forward to His return as King when the curse will be broken and we will join with the heavenly armies singing, "Glory to God in the highest!" Until that day we will rest and find peace in Jesus' finished work on the cross.

December 11th, 2022: Receive the Blessing of the Living Water

The Living Water of Christ will supply the life of God to all His creation. It began with a baby's first breath and his subsequent wail, and with that wail the trickle had begun, and that trickle has become a raging river flowing from the heart of our Jesus, Himself. Turn to Jesus in faith and trust, and the water will come. Jesus is the answer. Grace, love, mercy, and the eternal life of God flows from Jesus' heart to us freely and without cost to all who will believe and receive Him. Jesus brings the flourishing fullness of His life-giving presence to us. Truly heaven and earth are brought together in those who drink from this river.  

December 18th, 2022: Receive the Blessing of the Bread of Life

Harlan reminds us this week that we are built to run on relationship with God. Anything else is like trying to put milk in the gas tank and then standing around confused as to why it isn't working. So when we feel that deep emptiness of hunger and longing, let us reach not for creation, but for the Creator. Jesus is God incarnate, who came to destroy the lie of God's enemy and bring us back to the true Bread of Life. It is in relationship with Jesus that we meet God and we have our spiritual stomachs fully satisfied.

December 25th, 2022: Receive the Blessing of the Light of the World

Our God incarnate, Jesus, is here, He is reigning, and He is coming again. His life will bring light to everyone. So arise, let your light shine for all to see that the glory of the Lord has come!

January 1st, 2023: Receive the Blessing of Christ the Lord

Harlan shows us the difference between obedience to the outside shell of religion versus obedience through a loving relationship with Christ. Love for Jesus is the only way to sustain obedience and to gain the blessings of peace, love, hope, joy, and the freedom that come as a result of bowing to Christ as Lord.

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