September 25th, 2022: Death to Life

When we decide that we are at the center of our own order, or act as if we are our own God with our own truth, our life decays and it ultimately leads to a spiritual, emotional and physical death.
But God! God saves us from this death, through the gift of Jesus, and teaches us how to live a new way, fully alive.

September 18th, 2022: The Body of Christ

When we are secure in our identity as loved, chosen children who belong with God, we can learn the family business. What is that family business? Loving others well and inviting them into God's family, together, with Jesus as our guide.

September 11th, 2022: Adopted by the King

Continuing the theme of identity, this section of Ephesians details our adoption into the family of God. Understanding our identity as children of God is the entry point to the process that helps us look more like him. As we learn God's intent for our function and flourishing, we are re-parented and we start to resemble our Kingdom family.

September 4th, 2022: Identity

Paul, who was a religious terrorist and enemy of the early Christian church, had an encounter with Jesus while traveling to Damascus that transformed him and sent his life in a completely new direction. As we begin this series in the letter that Paul wrote to the Christian church is Ephesus, we ground ourselves in the grace and peace we can live in when we understand who God says we are. In this beloved identity, we can function in the world as a unified community who reflects God's love everywhere we go.

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